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advanced information security (76808)

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The purpose of this unit is to empower students with the advance knowledge and skills regarding the body of knowledge of Information Security & Cyber Safety in regards to the management of information within organizations. The main aim of this course is to ensure enrolled students understand the technical and managerial aspects regarding information security and cyber safety within an industry environment.

Target group
This course is intended for more advanced users who want to improve their understanding of information security issues and practices especially relating to technical aspects as well to improve management knowledge and skills within organizations.

Admission requirements 

Registration periods
For more information about registrations visit:  www.unisa.ac.za/ucl 

Semester course (6 months)

Language medium

Tuition method

The UNISA open and distance learning method will be followed. Learning material will consist of online readings, work books, tutorial letters, a prescribed book and a range of supporting material from the web. At least one compulsory assignment will need to be completed per module. Feedback will ensure interaction with learners and this may be re-enforced through the use of online discussion sessions and other similar tools.



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Course Fee

The fee for this course is R 5 721.00 (full course fees payable on registration).

Study package 

Included: The course fee include all study material. 

For queries: ucl@unisa.ac.za