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applied project management in an information technology environment (70467)

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This course on software project management is intended for first time project managers and project managers wanting to expand and formalise their knowledge.  The course aims to provide students  with the basic skills, knowledge and competence to effectively understand and manage information technology projects.

There is a need for a project management course focusing specifically on the management of Information Technology (IT) projects.  Most similar courses focus less on IT, form part of a curriculum for a formal degree, and are less skills oriented.  Given the growth of the IT industry, a need exists for computer specialists, as well as project managers, to gain a practical and theoretical foundation for managing IT projects, as this area has been grossly neclegted over time.

There is a definite need for courses that do not require an employee to interrupt their work schedule for an extended period to obtain a formal qualification. This certificate course fulfills this need as it focuses on sensitising the prospective student on concepts, techniques and strategies available to an IT project manager.

Target group
The course caters for:

Admission requirements
The following are required:

Semester course (6 months)

Registration periods
For more information about registrations visit:  www.unisa.ac.za/ucl 

Language medium

Tuition method

The ODL model of Unisa is applicable . In particular the following will be used:

Kind of assessment
Formative assessment will be based on two written assignments. Summative assessment includes a Portfolio (non-venue based examination) at the end of the period. A Unisa certificate will be awarded to a candidate who obtains a final mark of at least 50%.

Syllabus/Course content

Each topic below will be approached specifically from an Information Technology perspective:

Course fee
R 5 721.00 (full course fee payable at registration).

Study package
The course fee include all study material, tutorial letters and prescribed book. 

For queries: ucl@unisa.ac.za