School of Computing Short Learning Programmes (SLPs)

information and communication technology in education


The purpose of the course is to empower people in using technology in teaching.  The three objectives of the course are (1) to introduce the educator to a useful variety of technologies in education; (2) to empower the educator to interact with a selection of representive technologies in an effective and efficient manner and (3) to foster an appreciation of current and future technologies for their usefulness in a given context.

Target group

People who wish to gain skills in the use of technology to empower themselves to ride the wave of technological opportunities and challenges in education.

Admission requirements

Senior Certificate or an equivalent NQF level 4 qualification. Applicants require basic Windows and Internet skills and Internet access. A teaching qualification is recommended but not mandatory.


Semester course

Language medium


Registration periods :  Both semesters


Tuition method 

The course is offered as an online course.  All the course materials and assessment will be done via myUNISA.

Kind of assessment

 Note: Formative assessment and examination admission will comply with UNISA’s formative assessment rules and policies.

Formative assessment: will be used in the feedback on assignments.

Summative assessment: will be implemented in the evaluation of a portfolio.

Short course in Information and Communication Technology in Education  (CSIT1ED) 

NEQF level: 5 Credits: 12


1) Orientation and awareness of available ICT resources

2) Identify ICT technologies that can be used to develop resources for use in the classroom.

3) Practical implementation of the identified ICT technologies as part of a lesson plan.

4) Exploration of the roles and responsibilities of educators in promoting the ethical use of technology.

Module leader

Ms R. van der Merwe
School of Computing
Office GJG 4-68, GJ Gerwel Building, UNISA Science Campus, Florida
Tel: 011 471 2929
E-mail: / 

Programme administrator(s) 

Ms Pertunia Masalesea

For more information:

Tel: 011 670 9139 / 011 670 9189
E-mail: /
Website: &
Registration Periods
Courses starting in February (2 January – 31 January)
Courses starting in July (01 May – 15 June)