Centre for Software Engineering (CENSE)

short course: digital proficiency

The purpose of this short course is to provide the senior citizen with basic knowledge and skills across a wide range of digital devices. These competencies will increase the qualifying student’s capacity for computer use, including laptops, desktops, tablets, smart phones, phablets and cell phones. The module is targeting older people who never had the opportunity to become computer literate. 

For the period 2016-2018 the short course will focus on personal computer literacy.

Target group
The elderly citizen.

Admission requirements
Strictly 55 years and older.
South African citizenship.
In possesion of a personal desktop computer or laptop running Windows 7.
Prepared to travel to the Unisa Science Campus in  Florida, Roodepoort for 4 practical sessions and an examination.

Semester course

Language medium

Registration periods
Visit the Registration procedure page http://cs-cert.unisa.ac.za/register.html

Tuition method
Blended with self-study study material and contact sessions.

Kind of assessment
Note: Formative assessment and examination admission will comply with UNISA’s formative assessment rules and policies Formative assessment: Practical assessment - 20% of the final mark. Summative assessment: Practical assessment - 80% of the final mark.

Digital proficiency (CSDP4SC)
HEQF Level of Module - 5Credits of Module - 12

Syllabus/Content Topics
First steps with a computer
Setting up a computer
Getting around in the Windows 7 desktop
Setting up the display
Getting help with vision, hearing, and dexterity challenges
Getting help
Working with software programs
Working with files and folders
Understanding Internet basics
Browsing the web
Keeping in touch with email

Course Fee
This course is free. Only 20 students per semester will be accepted. Bookings for a next semester is not possible.

Study package
Prescribed handbook. CDROM with post-course self-study material e.g. WOrd, Excel etc.

Course leader
Prof T M van der Merwe PhD (MST), UNISA 
School of Computing 
UNISA Science Campus, Florida  
E-mail: cense@unisa.ac.za

Programme administrator(s) 
Ms Pertunia Masalesa
School of Computing
GJ Gerwel Building, Floor 3, Office 05
Tel: 011 670 9139/9189
Fax: 011 670 9174/9274
E-mail: cense@unisa.ac.za