Centre for Software Engineering (CENSE)

Short learning programmes offered by CENSE


Reason for Short Learning Programmes

Many employees find themselves in the computer industry without formal qualifications. They typically received in-service training in the "technology of the day", which becomes obsolete within a short period of time. Enterprises are aware of this, and prefer that employees are educated in the fundamentals of the discipline.

The aim of the Centre for Software Engineering's short learning programmes is to provide an environment where students can study the underlying principles of a particular field of interest and be rewarded with a UNISA certificate upon successful completion of the course. Some courses focus strongly on practical issues with various sessions of training while other courses focus on the theoretical principles forming the basis of a particular field.

Courses offered

Short course: Applied Information Security (76809)
Short course: Applied Project Management In An Information Technology Environment (70467)
Short Course: Business Analytics (77022)
Short Course: Business Intelligence (77019)
Short course: C++ Programming (70181)
Short Course: Computer Literacy Skills For The Business Professional (76954)
Short course: Computer Networks (70025)
Short course: Database Design (70041)
Short course: Database Implementation (7554X)
Short course: Designing and Implementing Telecommunication Networks (70157)
Short course: Developing Web Applications with PHP (72095)
Short course: I-SET Robotics - Sensors and Programming (76985)
Short Course: I-SET Robotics - Components and Pedagogy (76820)
Short Course: I-SET Robotics - Practical Experience of Engineering and Programming (76997)
Short Course: I-SET Robotics - Problem Solving, Data and Debugging (76984)
Short course: Information and Communication Technology in Education
Short course: Introduction to Information Security (70610)
Short course: Introduction to Information Technology based Supply Chain Management-75957
Short course: Introduction to Internet and Web Design (70076)
Short course: Introduction to Java Programming (70602)
Short course: Introduction to Visual Basic.Net Programming (70122)
Short course: Introduction to Visual C Sharp.Net programming (76804)
Short course: Managing Enterprise Agile Software Projects
Short course: Research in Informatics in Practice (75558)
Short course: Strategic Information Systems Planning in practice (75566)

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